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The Carr Family

Wish Fulfillment Request – A Trip to Atlantis, Bahamas

"There’s a foundation, Dreams To Memories USA, which grants wishes to children of a parent who is fighting a life threatening disease. They understand that a family dealing with a complex medical issue may not have the disposable income for a vacation, which is the exact situation in our case. Our last family vacation was in 2008 before Calvin got sick. I applied on behalf of Ryanne in late 2016. Ryanne was granted a wish to go to Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas.

A limo from Advantage Limousine picked us up bright and early on Monday morning. It was a gorgeous, sunshiny day when we touched down. DtM arranged everything down to the small details like extra legroom on the flights for Calvin, and transport to the resort from the airport. 

This is the first time Ryanne and Brendan have seen the ocean. (View from the plane.)

The hotel upgraded our room to an ocean view. The full-wall window opened and the sounds from below were heavenly. 

The first thing both kids wanted to do was hit the waterslides. First up, Leap Of Faith! They then made their way to other slides, and Calvin and I joined them for The Current river ride.

There’s a huge aquarium that’s accessible both from the hotel we were in, and outside the hotel. The kids went snorkeling with tropical fish, rays, and sharks.

There were several beaches at the resort. We first went to an inlet cove beach, which was very calm. Ryanne found a fish by the rocks and was chasing it around. It nibbled her toes until it decided to take a serious nip at her ankle. Much screaming and highstep running ensued, which naturally had me wheezy laughing. She then retreated to the shoreline to build a sand castle.

Calvin went back to the room during the heat of the afternoon, and Brendan went as well to keep an eye on Calvin. Ryanne and I moved from the protected, tame inlet beach to the main beach on the ocean.

Calvin was able to watch Ryanne’s Dolphin Experience on Wednesday afternoon and then went back to the room to nap. He woke up not feeling well so the kids and I went to dinner and he stayed behind.  He ended up quite sick. Thankfully I was armed with a small pharmacy so we were able to get things under control. He still wasn’t well when we departed on Thursday afternoon but made it home okay.

Ryanne and Brendan actually got along and explored the resort together in the evenings. And naturally they made friends with some cats that were living on the grounds.

Our time in Atlantis was wonderful. Relaxing. I kept tearing up watching Calvin, Ryanne, and Brendan laugh and enjoy each other. Friends and family of ours already knows that Calvin has around 20 doctors outside of Roswell Park, 6 clinics in Roswell Park, and is on anywhere between 50-60 daily medications. Our schedule is filled with doctor visits, sometimes multiple doctors a day. This was 4 days of...calm. Calm that I haven’t felt in a long time. Ryanne was smiling and laughing. We hit the ground running the day after we came home but those 4 days of not worrying about platelets and WCC, of not rushing from one appointment to the next, of sunshine on our faces, of calm...really rejuvenated our whole family.




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